The Wisdom of Ducks

Last week it was the Royal wedding. Afterwards came the shooting of Bin Laden. Both large events at the opposite ends of the scale. Me and my partner loved the Royal wedding. The couple’s happiness:  the  pleasure and participation of the crowds was a rare chance, on a national scale, to enjoy the moment rather than worry about the future. The death of  Bin Laden was at the opposite ends of the spectrum and reawakened all the horrors of that attack and the subsequent divisions, polerisation and unease to which it has contributed.

On both occasions I went for a walk by the river to enjoy the spring air and watch the ducks and geese feeding on the bank. It struck me , on both occasions, that they were quite unaware of the events affecting the world as humans see it. We consider ourselves, in many ways to be the centre of the universe. This is largely vanity. We are merely one of the life forms, ( if possibly the most destructive ) which inhabit one of the millions of planets around the billions of stars which make up the solar system.

This doesn’t worry me. Perspective can be quite regenerating. Our problems are both urgent and pressing. Dealing with them is exhausting.Trolling round the blogosphere you see this all the time, as well as learning six useful tips for changing a tyre in the rain;. a new approach to bread making and other tips for dealing with our everyday life.

Ducks are not essentially wise of course but they evoke  a sense of wisdom and peace from our perspective in the way they deal unchangingly with the rhythm and needs of  life. Days are not scarred by that longing for a new Iphone or the events which occur half way across the world

I wish you all those moments of peace which come from sensing something larger than ourselves


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4 Responses to The Wisdom of Ducks

  1. Well now that explains your change of name. Nice post and so true.


  2. Caroline says:

    And the great thing about ducks is their uncanny ability to swim together in the same direction. They just get on with it! Something I occasionally find my brain cells fail to do.

    So important to get one’s ducks in a row in life.


  3. Dawne Webber says:

    That peace is what gets me through the tough times. I just need to remember that.

    BTW–I’m glad you didn’t give up and started a new blog. There is an award waiting for you at:


  4. Vixter2010 says:

    I often look at swans paired for life and it’s pretty amazing. We could all do with some peace and love right now, well said!


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