Working Against the Grain


My partner, like so many other people, has spent her life working against the grain. Born into a Kashmiri family where boys counted a lot more than girls.  She remembers her brothers receiving cars whilst she relied on her parents and the buses for transport, presuming her husband from an arranged marriage would provide the sort of lifestyle her father had kept her in through childhood: nothing worked out. Her husband ,despite many good qualities, never got to grips with working in England and staggered from disaster to misfortune on a regular basis. Her beloved father was killed in a freak accident leaving her honoured brothers to mismanage their father’s affairs to such an extent that in a horrifying short time his money had vanished and her mother was living  in a tiny council flat.

She trained as an accountant and, working hard, developed an impressive career working with several multi national companies. The results are impressive but so are the costs. She is normally tired and dissatisfied. Frets about her weight and goes on spending sprees to divert her attention from everyday life. In short, she is like millions of other people

The older you get, the harder it is to learn a lesson but the truth is always out there for all who wish to recognise it. This  takes courage. Often more than one person has on their own. The first question to ask is, “Under what circumstances do you act your best and feel most at peace”. That’s  all for now

Over and Out


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