OK So who am I



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Trying to remember what my future is
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  1. Jo says:



  2. Hey Peter! I wish I had your email address. If I did once, I don’t anymore. I had to dig long and hard to find this post so I could address your pressing conundrum about the number of “likes” versus the number of “comments” on a post.

    I did my own little experiment and found that the longer the post, the few the comments. Why? Because bloggers, while good people, are impatient people. They like quick reads. So if the post is short, they read the whole thing and feel confident enough to comment. If they see something through which they have to scroll, they either skip right to the “like” button to let you know they were there or they just skim-read and click the “like” button. Either way, they don’t have enough information to leave a meaningful comment so they don’t. Or they may leave a short, generic comment if you’re lucky.

    I know there are some bloggers who read and never let you know they were even there (the lurkers) or who click the “like” button” and really don’t know what to say/or don’t feel comfortable leaving a comment for whatever reason. But most I think it’s a matter of efficiency.

    That’s why I’ve committed to making my blog posts shorter (don’t know if you’ve noticed), even if that means breaking up a story into parts. I haven’t managed the art of brevity, however, with my comments… 😉

    Anyway, try posting an essay that is just two paragraphs and see what happens. Test my theory and get back to me. My email is lornasvoice@hotmail.com.


    • I think your grasp of Blogging dynamics is far ahead of mine Lorna, but I really appreciate the time you took in addressing the question. I’m convinced that some people just move down the Blog posts in the tag section of wordpress. You can “like” posts then without even entering the Blog, but I also agree with what you saying.about length as well. Certainly, I look at other Blogs I like , such as yours, I can see that I suffer more than most. It’s price of being a wind bag I suppose. I will try more self-discipline


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