Barbeque Etiquette


Saturday after the Royal Wedding. Friends are coming round. Ok, more her friends than mine but I’m happy to beam a lot and tell some silly stories. We engage in the topic of cooking at Barbecues. Obviously the man is meant to cook but I’m not that bothered if someone else wants to. This doesn’t go down too well with the partner, and opens up a general broadside on barbeques. She was born in Kenya were they seem to be  a way of life and a lot more la-di-da than I’m used to. “We only have the freshest meat”. ” FRESHEST  MEAT”she repeats in case I missed it the first time. “Ah” says I. I’m more of the three “B’s” when it comes to barbecues.” 

“Three B’s “……Her voice is both haughty and suspicious. Yes, says I. “You know. Burgers, Bangers and Beer” Her eyebrows rise noticeably but then she begins to laugh. That’s the nice bit. She raises my standards and I lower hers. We meet each other somewhere in the realm of normality

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