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The Queue For Eternal Awareness

“What was your life like?” I said to the man one ahead of me in the queue of judgement . “I was like a man possessed,” he said as we waited . “How do you mean” said Mr Safe, namely me,  … Continue reading

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Coincidence or Ugly Fate. You decide

Frank Winner was waiting at platform ten, Euston station, for his ‘charge,’ as it were, to arrive from Nottingham. Tomorrow, Mike Bellow was giving a key note speech at the company annual conference on  “Cross-cultural implications . Trading with Eastern Europe and Beyond.”  The … Continue reading

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Getting to the Heart Of A Subject. What Drives Emma Cattell to Paint?

Art has no manners, I always feel, great art that is, and while most creative people paint diffidently and politely to capture the shape and outline of a subject, few have the will or courage of the explorer: of someone who … Continue reading

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A Birth in Gaza

To those unknowing of my childhood my enigmatic and disconnected behaviour must have seemed odd and possibly uncivilised. In youth I could not see beyond getting by and surviving day by day; ‘learning’ was another country where less damaged people … Continue reading

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300 Posts and Counting

Three hundred Blog posts seems an astonishing number would have seemed a fanciful number to me when I began Blogging over three years ago  and in many ways my life, outlook and the readership of my Blog have changed beyond recognition in … Continue reading

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No Parties Please at Bramley Home for the Elderly

My name is Stanley Castle, which is the name I prefer, although the familiar, “We’re all friends now” people insist on calling me “Stan.” I am a man who relishes order and formalities and excessive familiarity unsettles me: it has … Continue reading

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Discovering Talent and The Artistic Dream

Very early on in my muddled career, I worked in what is called “The A & R Department” of a record company: that is the department which received all the tapes from would-be recording stars. There was at least a … Continue reading

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