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A Footnote in History

Perhaps he was a footnote in history, there was no one left to ask, this veteran of a near forgotten war, now bought to life only in films and sometimes books, but lived by him back when his legs stilled moved, … Continue reading

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Face On A Boat

Kicked out of bed,  dad’s voice gruff but warm, he spoke in terms of needs,  his eyes of love .”Duty, chores and routine: all came first. Emotions were somehow  managed in between.”  Saying that he was a loving dad. In the manner … Continue reading

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The Olympic Spirit With a Whiff of Ranting

This Olympic games has caught my imagination. It’s in my backyard which makes a difference. For those living here its been like a party. Seen from here it has made the country feel like a community: the world a community. Ok reports … Continue reading

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The Call of Duty

Saturday morning’s  do not begin with any fixed routine. Not in my house. Not in my head at least. The day drifts towards action. Recently we have acquired a second TV which is placed in the bedroom. It is not … Continue reading

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