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Old Posts re-aired starting with “The Engagement”

He loved her but it didn’t show. Gave her protection from a distance: understanding without a sense of intimacy. Just some guy in a cubicle crunching numbers through the working day. It wasn’t climbing Everest but it paid the bills. … Continue reading

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I Joined A Gym

Oh yes, I did: on my own and without coaching or the use of a map. In the northern hemisphere at least, it is that time of year when we face up to ourselves and say, ” YOU, Yes You. … Continue reading

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Shameless Talk About Publication Date

Some time ago I wrote a post about people whose life was unsettled because they had an extreme degree of good manners. In it there was a general who refused to attack the enemy because, he considered it to be … Continue reading

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Wardrobe Function

My wardrobe, like a mature garden, changes with the seasons but no new plants or clothing items are purchased. As the weather grows warmer, the jacket comes off and then the jumper and I just walk around in a shirt, … Continue reading

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In A Hospital Near You

The sun burns down on them. Him and Geoff as they squat in the desert. Could he use a drink, and he doesn’t mean water, but the enemy are visibly before them  and he has other things to do. Now in the garden shed, … Continue reading

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The Penalties of Skyping

My mind is always full of a quiet but fixed purpose. To maintain the body and face of an athlete. This is my inflexible goal. Life can get can get in the way of every objective: one has to accept that. But my failsafe rule, my … Continue reading

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After Life

Was that her, it seemed so long ago? Another life lived in another age. A young girl dressed  in white, beside the man she’d known since her birth. The son of her dad’s best friend, who played with her in his … Continue reading

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Bang on My Head ( Update )

For those of you who still remember who I am, which might or might not include myself, I am getting better. We live in a flat on the third floor of a lift-free building and for some time going up … Continue reading

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Bang on MY Head

Life brings many surprises and some of them are free. One I received recently was a nice bang on the back of the head as a result of slipping on the path. I felt a bit weird but as this is normal I … Continue reading

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Unspeakable Acts

When I was younger I remember people talking about the Berlin Wall. About what life was like on the other side and how people would peer at it and the view of East Germany affordable through the Brandenburg Gate. To be … Continue reading

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